Guide to the Life Design Journaling Framework

Life Design Framework

The life design journaling framework is a journaling framework and methodology for documenting your life design and the ongoing journey of realizing your life design.  Your life design encompasses who you are, the life you want to live, and the ongoing journey to get there.

The life design framework consists of broad segments that are further broken down into aspects. For each segment there is a holistic perspective for understanding the segment.

Journaling, Life Design, Knowledge Management

Key understandings for creating and executing on a life design are journaling and knowledge management. 

Life Aim Segment

The Aim Segment of the Life Design Framework is the creative part. It is the part that allows you to dream, to imagine where you will live, the type of life you would love to live, and the type of people you want to share it with. Most of all, you determine your purpose, your overall WHY that drives everything else.

The aim segment is further broken down into the purpose, vision, and mission aspects.

The holistic perspective of the aim segment is the life areas perspective.

Self Segment

While the Aim Segment was based on creativity, the Self segment of the Life Design Framework is based on introspection. Who we are is going to tell us if the life we designed is really the life we want.

Who we are is going to tell us who we need to become to create the life we want.

The self segment consists of the values, beliefs, traits, strengths and weaknesses, interests, habits, capabilities, and obstacles.

The holistic perspective of the self segment is the roles perspective.

Map Segment

The Map segment creates the plan for the journey to create our vision. The plan takes into account all the segments and perspectives.

The constant revaluation of all segments is ongoing and is a natural part of life. It is one of the reasons why it is so important to look at all segments all the time.

The map segment consists of the goals, objectives, and task segments.

The holistic perspective of the map segment is the map models. Models could be roadmaps, budgets.

Execution Segment

The execution Segment is about executing the plan, the actions that we are taking in the present.

Life requires action. Introspection needs to be balanced by execution.

The execution segment consists of the experience and reflections aspects.

The holistic perspective of the execution segment are the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews.

Tools and Miscellaneous

The following posts pertain to toolset and general understandings of knowledge management.