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OneNote for Life Design #2 – Section Groups

OneNote section group tips and techniques for life design journaling

Real Life Equivalent of a OneNote Section Group

  • File cabinet
  • File cabinet drawer

Uses of a Section Group

  • A Section Group can hold other section groups or sections
  • Creates a hierarchical organization
  • Unlike real life, you can put a section group (drawer) inside another section group (drawer)
  • When a section has too many pages, create a section group that contains several sections in order to divide up the pages.

Life Design Uses for Section Group

  • Use for big divisions of Life Design Information such as journals, private journals etcetera

OneNote Tips for Section Groups

  • Section groups cannot be ordered, they are in alphabetical order
  • Section groups cannot be colored

How to Use OneNote Section Groups

OneNote 2016

  • A new Section Group can be added by right-clicking on the section/section group bar

For more information on OneNote Section Group see Microsoft: Create a section group

OneNote for Windows 10

  • A new Section Group can be added by right-clicking on left-hand the section/section panel

For more information on OneNote for Windows 10 see Basic Tasks in OneNote for Windows 10

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How have you used OneNote section groups to organize your notes?


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