Life Design Journaling Framework: Life Areas

What are Life Areas?

Going through each of the life areas, gives you a way of looking at your life in a more focused way when designing your life. By looking at each life area separately we can go much deeper into our life design.

Life areas provide us a way of looking at our life design from different perspectives. A holistic life design will take all the life areas into account and ensure they all are positively impacting our vision.

We can gain clarity in our purpose, vision, and mission by examining how they fit into each of the life areas. Do you have a compelling vision in each life area that fulfills your purpose? Is your mission getting you closer to your vision in each life area?

By understanding our purpose, vision, and mission in relation to each of the life areas, we can go deep into what our purpose and vision are. We will get new insights and new ways of looking at how we want to live our lives.

The perspective of the life areas also gives us more clarity on what goals and objectives we potentially need to accomplish to create our vision.

The whole of your life design is a cumulation of the quality of your life design in each of the life areas.

The 10 Life Areas

I define the life areas as

  1. Health,
  2. Personal Growth,
  3. Family
  4. Fun and Recreation,
  5. Lifestyle,
  6. Love,
  7. Social,
  8. Career,
  9. Finances,
  10. Life-Long Learning


The health life area covers your physical health, fitness and exercise, and well-being.

Personal Growth

The personal growth life area covers your inner world and how you fit in with a larger whole. If you are a religious person, it includes your faith. Personal growth covers everything in your life that leads to you becoming a better person.

This is that inner part of yourself.

That’s that deep need that we all have to be a part of something greater than ourselves, to make a difference in the world, or to make an impact.


The family life area covers both family relationships and parenting.

Fun and Recreation

The fun and recreation life area covers everything you do to get fun and enjoyment out of life.


The lifestyle life area covers where you live, your home, and your possessions.


Your romantic relationship with your significant other is the most important relationship in your life.

This is one area where it makes sense to put personal goals together with your partner


The social life area covers all your relationships outside of your family. The friends, people, and communities you spend time with not including spouse and family members.

Career & Business

The career life area covers your professional life.


The finance life area covers the financial aspects of your life. It should include your life budget, your saving plan, your investment plan, your retirement plan.

Life-Long Learning

The life long learning life area covers what you learn, the exercising of your mind. This includes improving existing skills, learning new skills, attaining knowledge.

My Experience: Parenting has given me Clarity

Being a parent has brought me new clarity in my life areas. When you have to examine your life from both your perspective and your children’s it gives you new insights. It is one of the added benefits of being a parent. As your kids grow up you can re-evaluate the life lessons you have learned in the different life areas to pass on to your kids. Your kids are different than you, and they are different from each other, so you get to understand the life areas from many different perspectives.

Why: To Live a Balanced Life

It is important to live a balanced life. If we ignore one of the life areas it will pull down our life in other life areas. Without enough attention on our health, we won’t have the energy to achieve our goals. We run the risk of burning out when we ignore fun and recreation. Pursuing our vision in each of the life areas provides energy and momentum for all life areas.

Use the 5-why’s technique to see how your vision in each life area contributes to your overall life vision.

Life Design Outcome: A Balanced Life

Each time you evaluate your vision in each life area, it gives you a bigger view of your overall life vision.  It allows you to refine your life purpose such that it plays a bigger part in each individual life area.

The vision for each of your life areas combines to create your overall life vision.  When envisioning your life area visions you will naturally come up with goals to create the visions.  Those goals may become part of your ongoing mission.

Compelling visions that you are actively working towards in each life area will lead to a balanced life with each supporting the other life areas.

Document your Life Areas: Actionable Steps

ActionStep Description
Start a journalStart a journal if you don’t already have one.
Document your vision for each life areaCreate a section specific to each life area. This will allow you to regularly review and update your life areas.
Document your experiences for each life areaCreate a section where you can document experiences related to your life areas. Journal what is going well and what needs to be improved. Reviewing these experiences will help your mission for achieving your vision in that life area.
Document your reflections for each life areaCreate a section where you document reflections you have about each life area. Your reflections are your wisdom and lessons learned as you have executed on your mission towards the life area.
Review regularlyReview your journal regularly. Ideally, you would review your journal as part of your morning or evening routine. This is an integral part of daily improvement.