Geoff Schroder’s Journey

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I am a 57-year-old independent business analyst. I started my career before Facebook, before the internet. I am a single father with three kids. So many experiences, so many stories, so many ideas. My thoughts are now turning towards what legacy can I leave for my kids, for society.

As a certified business analyst, I have had the opportunity to learn many different domains; insurance, oil & gas, health care, transportation, children’s services, entrepreneurship. Understanding domains requires designing taxonomies or frameworks for organizing the information. I have elicited business requirements from a wide range of clients.  The experience of understanding and stating those requirements in a clear fashion also applies to documenting our lives.  I am now focusing on creating a framework for collecting requirements on the most important project we all have in life – ourselves and the masterpiece we are creating which is our life.

The main focus of a business analyst in understanding businesses is the value a business creates and how to increase that value. Value can come in the form of new IT systems or as re-engineered business processes. I am using that skillset to answer the question: How do you discover who you are and create the life you want to live? Life is another process that can be broken down into smaller processes. The first step is always to document the processes.

Over the years and decades, I have written my thoughts and ideas down in journals or on the computer. Technology has come to the point where all this information can be captured in a consistent manner.

I decided to go through my life journals and re-documented my journey in a consistent manner in OneNote. As I read through old journals and writings there are so many life lessons, business lessons, vacations that I have forgotten. The process has been enlightening. I have found not only an increased satisfaction in my life but the chance to relearn the lessons that I have forgotten. Luckily, I am also an amateur photographer so that helps to remind me of parts of my journey. Having a consistent way of journaling my life has refocused me and will be a legacy for my children, and for individuals on a similar life journey to me.

My life vision and purpose didn’t come to me in a flash, it has slowly evolved as I have gone through life.  I am still working on refining the unique value I bring to the world.  Each experience helps me focus on my life’s purpose, the unique things I can bring, and how they produce value for other people.