Introduction to the JournaledLife Framework for Life Design

When individuals start out on the life design journey they have many questions. How do I keep track of everything I need to know for creating the life I desire? How do I organize my thoughts and ideas? How do I get real value from my journals? How do I find what I have written […]

Balance Your Life by Balancing Your Life Areas

Life is complicated.  Life areas help to reduce the complexity allowing us to build a well-rounded life design. Going through each of the life areas, gives you a way of looking at your life in a more focused way when designing your life. By looking at each life area separately we can go much deeper […]

How to Commit to a Better Life

Committing to a better life is committing to a mission. Your mission outlines what you are going to do in life now, in order to create the life you want. Many people may have the same vision for their life, but no two people are going to take the same path to get there. Your […]

Eight Keys for an Effective Vision for Your Life

Your vision is the blueprint of your life design that allows you to live your purpose. It outlines the life you are creating, it is the specifics of what your life will look like. Your vision is a vivid picture of the life that you want to create. It is a measuring stick to see […]

How to Live a Life With Purpose

Your purpose is the core piece of your life design. It is the part that drives all the other parts. Your purpose comes from a deep understanding of who you are. Designing a life that doesn’t resonate with who you are, creates a life path that is unfulfilling and not inspirational. The meaning of life […]