Life Roles

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

What are Life Roles? Life is a journey, and on that journey, there are many tasks and activities you do.  Roles are a way of grouping those tasks allowing you to focus on the groupings rather than the individual tasks.  The groupings or roles give us a different perspective of how we are living our lives […]

Introduction to the JournaledLife Framework for Life Design

When individuals start out on the life design journey they have many questions. How do I keep track of everything I need to know for creating the life I desire? How do I organize my thoughts and ideas? How do I get real value from my journals? How do I find what I have written […]

Life Design Capabilities

Capabilities are the building blocks for creating anything in your life. The outcomes you want to have in your life are created with capabilities. These are either capabilities you pay someone for or capabilities you have developed. A major part of creating your life design is creating and developing your capabilities. Capabilities in the Life […]

Building Life Habits

You are on this journey in life towards your vision. What habits do you have that help you on your journey, what habits slow you down? Awareness of your habits is the first step towards creating the most effective set of habits to assist you on your journey to your vision. What are Habits? Habits […]

Who Are You

You are the vehicle who is going on this journey through life. The better you know who you are the more effective you can be on the journey. You have a vision for your life and part of that vision is the type of person you want to be. What traits do you need to […]

How to Discover and Create Your Beliefs

Beliefs are an important part of your life. They are the assumptions you have for understanding your life. Whether you are conscious of your beliefs or not, the beliefs affect how you understand and react to life events. Beliefs can support your life such as your belief in yourself. Other beliefs, sometimes called limiting beliefs, […]

How to Discover and Create Your Values

Values are the core part of Who You Are. They affect the decisions you make, and how you feel about any outcome in your life. To answer the question of what type of person you want to be to achieve your vision, you start with understanding your values. What are Values “Values are principles, standards […]