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People are overwhelmed by what they need to do to live the life of their dreams. We offer a life design framework and journaling system that breaks down the process into manageable pieces and creates the foundational journaling skill for pursuing their ideal life.


Journaling is a keystone habit for creating your dream life. Through journaling, you build clarity, focus, and a deep understanding of who you are.


Your life design is complex. An organizing framework provides a structure for journaling your life’s journey. This structure facilitates retrieving the information to build on. Your life is not the sum of each part, it is the synergy of those parts that creates something greater.


Keeping your life design knowledge in a digital format makes it searchable and retrievable. Creating a journal is only half of the equation. Using and building on the knowledge and wisdom you have journaled is where the real value is. The best tool for digital journaling is OneNote.

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