Introduction to the JournaledLife Framework for Life Design

When individuals start out on the life design journey they have many questions. How do I keep track of everything I need to know for creating the life I desire? How do I organize my thoughts and ideas? How do I get real value from my journals? How do I find what I have written […]

Objectives – The Building Blocks of Your Dream Life

Creating the life design you want takes work. Objectives are the pieces required to build your life design. Objectives capture the major milestones required for building your life design. There are 5 keys to creating and achieving objectives. Key #1: Clarity in Your Objectives Key #2: Measure Your Objectives Key #3: Design Objectives for Your […]

Use Goals to Align to Your Dream Life

Goals provide the focus and the direction to create your dream life. Goals encapsulate what you want to create in life. What are Goals in the Life Design Framework Goals are the primary, broad outcomes you wish to achieve in your life. A goal as a broad outcome may make it difficult to specify specific […]