Introduction to the JournaledLife Framework for Life Design

When individuals start out on the life design journey they have many questions. How do I keep track of everything I need to know for creating the life I desire? How do I organize my thoughts and ideas? How do I get real value from my journals? How do I find what I have written […]

4 Keys for Designing Your Life

There are four keys to designing a fulfilling life. Responsibility – You alone are responsible for creating the life you want. Life-Long Learning – Creating the life you want is a lifelong pursuit. Awareness – Self-reflection is key to understanding the life you want. Journaling – Journaling is a key activity that captures the knowledge […]

56 Inspiring Journaling Quotes

Here is a collection of 56 journaling quotes. Quotes help to inspires us and to think of our journaling practice in new and different ways.  I hope you enjoy these.  If any stand out I encourage you to leave a comment at the end so we can start a conversation. “Journal writing, when it becomes […]